I create and lead custom-tailored tours as a professionally licensed guide in and around Florence with a special focus on family travel and educational tours. Promoting ethical and sustainable travel lies at the heart of my approach.

Private in-depth tours

I lead small private groups, of all ages, through various itineraries of tours. Thoughtful discussions of the artwork and our observations are a fundamental part of these tours and it’s important to me to provide travelers with a detailed understanding of what they are experiencing. I am also a part of Context Travel’s Docent network.

Family tours & art for kids 

A prevalent sector of my career that I am also especially passionate about involves leading art history tours and organizing creative workshops for kids and families. Specifically designed with family trips in mind, these programs are all run by extremely knowledgeable professionals with years of experience.

Academic tours

I collaborate with study abroad programs on educational trips to Italy. My own experiences as a student abroad in Venice during college, and then my later work as the managing Program Assistant for the University of California’s Education Abroad program in Siena make working with students a continuously rewarding experience for me.

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Some words about a few areas that I am particularly passionate about

My main areas of interest when leading tours include the art, literature and history of the 13th through 17th centuries, from medieval through early modern periods.

Because of many years of study of all historical periods in Italy, I am also interested in modern and contemporary art. I highly recommend a visit to the peaceful Gallery of Modern Art while visiting Palazzo Pitti with its stunning window views onto the Boboli Gardens, as well as a visit to the recently opened Museo Novecento right in Piazza Santa Maria Novella. Even though Florence is known primarily for its late medieval and renaissance art, there are numerous opportunities in galleries and small museums where you can learn about modern Italian art as well as the current contemporary art scene all over tuscany.

My work philosophy

I feel very strongly about supporting sustainable travel and responsible tourism all over Italy. I am also convinced that by promoting local artisans, artists and businesses as well as informing travelers about the many smaller museums in and around Florence and the rest of Tuscany – and throughout Italy – are among the best ways to represent the entire picture of the country’s rich cultural and artistic heritage. This is an especially critical point today and one we certainly shouldn’t take for granted if we want to preserve Italy’s historical patrimony.