“Why are there trees I never walk under but large and melodious thoughts descend upon me?”

[Walt Whitman]

High above Pistoia about twenty minutes drive from the city center there are clusters of mountain towns nestled between the trees where we often try to go any chance we get. It’s always worth it to venture off under the trees to cool off and get a breath of fresh air and nature in the hot city summers, for some trekking in the fall, or warming up with soupy cioccolata calda con panna and cozy meals in local taverns during the colder months. My favorite time to go up is in late Autumn when life’s pace starts to slow a bit for the Tuscan winter. These are areas where once you arrive all thoughts can be left behind.


Observations of a bilingual five year old on what she observes here: alberi (trees), cespuglie (thickets), foglie (leaves), montagne blu (blue mountains), case lontane (houses far away), no fairies (that was in English).





For a good way to practice one’s Italian through chocolate, this post on Jul’s Kitchen of her childhood memory of drinking cioccolata calda and its recipe is a great read – and good Italian practice!



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