“Where thou art, that is home.”

[ Emily Dickinson ]


Vicoli are back alleys in Italian. Medieval towns are full of them and Pistoia is abundant in these curvy and narrow little roads that lead you from one square to another as if from one dimension to the next. This photo is of Vicolo Taverna just off of Pistoia’s Piazza del Duomo. Taverna, or “Tavern,” in English, was a kind of house, inn or dwelling, as well as a place for shelter and nourishment. The lengthy meals that are shared with friends or family in Italy today still have that tavern “homelike” essence. For me, these vicoli have always provided a sense of cocoon-like comfort as I walk through them.


Tonight in Pistoia the street becomes the theater and the stage set for Il Funaro theatre. For the month of February this small, internationally acclaimed theatrical company and cultural center will host special performances along with the Australian Cuocolo Bosetti Iraa Theater. This evening’s performance of “The Walk,” Serata Dickenson, begins at Il Funaro and will take place among the piazzas and dark back alleys (the vicoli, that is) of Pistoia. Spectators will use headsets guided by the voice of Roberta Bosetti as she interprets Emily Dickinson‘s poems and letters.



Vicolo Taverna, Pistoia



Here is one of Cuocolo Bosetti “The Walk” performances with a video and photos. Below are some thought provoking passages from their website description about this experience and walking through the noctural streets and how walking is a “way of thinking.”

“In the noctural light we can see a group of people moving about in the city. They move within an intermediary space between two worlds. The voice in the headsets assures them of a secure passage through this state of vulnerability.”



For an interesting read by Brain Pickings on walking and “the spirit of sauntering” according to Henry David Thoreau see this post.



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