IN THE MOOD for coffee and flowers for this late February weekend.


“Live on coffee and flowers. Try not to worry what the weather will be.”

-Matt Berninger


The above is a lyric from Conversation 16 by The National that I was listening to this morning while having tea for breakfast, but while thinking about coffee. The coffee did eventually come later through the old Bialetti Moka that is so withered by time by now that it has lost its shine as any good espresso maker does with age. The results are still always the same: steaming hot, black coffee in a demitasse cup. Classic Italian caffè. This coffee in the photo was in the coffee shop, La Casetta, that I wandered into while on a walk with a friend recently during a trip to Rome. We took a sudden detour and walked inside inspired by a curiously placed rose that I wrote about here.

The flowers in the photo are in our neighborhood in Pistoia. I noticed them during a walk with my daughter after I picked her up from preschool one afternoon last week on our way to a friend’s house. Sitting calmly next to the flowers and leaves was a fluffy tabby cat with a wounded leg who was busy scouting out the street scene as we passed by and pretending to be half asleep as only cats know how.

Thinking of flowers, coffee and walks outdoors, here is a song to end the week and begin the weekend by Lenny Kravitz about his daughter, Zoe. I listened to it often when expecting my own Zoe, now just over five years ago.



Flowers for Zoe
Love for Zoe
Angels and rainbows
All kinds of things you can call your own

Gardens for Zoe
And oceans for Zoe
Jungle gym playgrounds
All kinds of things for you to explore

-Lenny Kravitz


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